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In 1937, Deep Chand T. Ojha (DCTO), established a Gujrati/Sindhi primary school for the children in the Moosa Lane neighborhood. The school continued to be the preferred choice for schooling for most children even long after partition. In 1962, this school was upgraded to lower secondary, and in 1968, a new building was constructed to introduce a Girls’ Section, and adding Urdu medium section as well. The school turned into a full-fledge Secondary School in 1974.

However, due to hasty decisions, corruption and complacency of the authorities, this institution saw a great decline resulting in poor standard of education and dilapidated school premises. By 2002, DCTO School had three double storey buildings where 13 schools were running within the same premises, but there were barely any children getting educated. Following this, Lyari saw one of the most turbulent times in its long and rich history. In a war that had nothing to do with them, the children of Lyari had suffered the greatest loss. They fell to the side – ignored, neglected and often abused.

School Adoption

In 2014, the school was adopted by Akhuwat and Kiran Foundation was brought in to manage and run the school, through Sindh Education Foundation’s Adopt-a-School Program. In 2016, Kiran Foundation became the sole adopter of the school. The school, once again, got a chance to live up to the timeless legacy of its founder and now, the adopter.

Under the compassionate approach of Kiran Foundation, the first year after adoption was called the “Healing Year”. The focus was to begin the process of emotional healing of children who had seen far too much for their age, and to bring the children back to school. For the first time in their lives, children experienced that learning could actually be fun.


In August 2016, the honorable Chief Minister Sindh, Mr. Murad Ali Shah, visited DCTO Campus and announced it as a Role Model School and promising ongoing support for stabilization and further strengthening of the system.

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The campus is divided into four blocks: Preschool, Admin Block, Primary Section and Secondary Section. The classrooms were redesigned to fit the needs of students according to their age. Outdoor and indoor play areas were added to the preschool section, and new furniture was placed in the classes. Library, Auditorium, Audio-Visual Room, Science Labs, IT lab, Art Room, School Clinic and a Mess/Cafeteria were added to the school.

Each and every space at the DCTO Campus has been mindfully created to bring out the best usage, functionality and beauty. You can sense the welcoming warmth the second you enter the school gates.